• INTERJECT Rethinks Data Integration

    The same problems. Different solutions.

INTERJECT is a Platform for Faster Results

Helping companies achieve digital transformation lighter and more quickly through data. Read on to learn how companies gain competitive advantage with Interject.

Leave Data Bottlenecks Behind

HP’s 3D Printing Division was tired of wading through a tide of  manual spreadsheets. Learn how Interject helped them:

  • Create and modify reports simply
  • Get globally-sourced data to their teams
  • Cut hours from their R&D workflow
  • Deliver fast, accurate results

Squeeze More Value from Your Software

Dental care provider Gentech needed more value from their Practice Management software. Using Interject’s platform, they:

  • Improved AR management and reconciliation
  • Collaborated on daily accounting across widespread locations
  • Nearly eliminated manual spreadsheet work
  • Gained secure, real-time invoice logging and editing

Bring Your Data Together

This multi-focus, regional waste company streamlined operations and financial reports with INTERJECT. Learn how they:

  • Consolidated TRUX reports, company-wide
  • Centralized and expedited data access
  • Simplified reporting with customized solutions
  • Integrated ERP, budgeting, and Ops systems

Waste Connections Coming Soon

The fourth largest waste company in the U.S., Waste Connections required a lean, easy-to-adopt data solution. With Interject they:

  • Interact with data in real-time through Excel
  • Centralize data access, cutting thousands of work-hours
  • Get security right in their spreadsheet reports
  • Empower their Controllers and keep IT happy

To Learn How Simple Data Integration Can Be:

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