In this century we have come to realize that a company's future is built on how they treat and value their people. Valuing people builds loyalty and trust, which creates a motivated workforce.

    We are beyond motivated. We are determined to make a difference.

Jeff Honsowetz, CPA
Jeff Honsowetz, CPA President
Jeff’s not just the President of Interject, he’s the dean of data-driven spreadsheets! A career CPA turned tech expert, Jeff’s spent his working life making the data world better by bridging the gulf between business and technology. He’s a visionary, a sage, a data Yoda. The technical savvy Jeff’s gained over the years is an inspiration to our team, especially considering all the new tricks this old dog’s still learning. So is his loyalty to the Vancouver tech community. Jeff’s the Chair of Education for Portland SIM, the Treasurer at Oregon SQL, and is on the Planning Committee for SQL Saturday Oregon. Plus, Jeff’s an avid Meetup organizer and goer and an enthusiastic kids coding club supporter. Sleep? Nah, he’ll write a program for that.
Stan Morin
Stan Morin Controller
Stan is a controller, an HR department, a project manager, and generally the ruler of all that is important. His approach to healthy management may be inspired by his veganism, but it certainly ensures Interject’s behind-the-scenes ops go off without a hitch. Backed by years of experience in everything from pharmacy to fleet management, there’s nothing he can’t handle. In fact, Stan also manages Notary Cafe, an Interject sister company serving notaries in the mortgage industry. Stan’s passion for fitness regularly makes us feel bad, and by the time most of us get out of bed, he’s already got hours of training under his belt. Cool Asics! Do they come with kale?
Eugene Lyubar
Eugene Lyubar Senior Product Engineer
Is he an MSCE armed data engineer? Is he a detail driven data architect? Is he a titan of tax prep? Eugene’s combined data, business, and programming skills provide the outstanding support and innovative solutions our clients have come to depend on. Tackling tough business reporting problems since 2006, Eugene’s experience is pivotal to many of our clients’ successes. He’s the best cornerman you could want when the bell sounds on budget season. About the only things that could clobber Eugene are his baby daughter and young son. They look innocent, but we know who’s boss.
Misty Cain
Misty Cain Director of Project Management
Misty’s been talking trash for years. An ex-financial controller and current senior project manager, her deep experience handling finance in the solid waste industry translates to an acute understanding of our users’ needs. Her capacity to learn new tech and her eagle-eye for detail make Misty an easy choice for Interject leadership, and she consistently takes on some of the biggest projects Interject encounters. Do we stump her? Not for a second. A compliance connoisseur, an audit artiste, Misty knows everything there is to know about, well, everything. And she works almost 170 miles from the office! Telepathy, or talent? We say both.
Lea Patanne
Lea Patanne Financial Systems Consultant
Lea’s our MS Access upgrade guru, our price management project master. She helps our clients kick their old systems out for the newest models without missing a gear. With a combined 15 years’ experience in programming and accounting, Lea’s a process improvement specialist, helping clients take their software investments further than they thought possible. Tech savvy? She’s got you covered. Accounting acumen? No question. Braggadocio? None at all. Lea’s our proof that it doesn’t take bluster to blow clients away. You know what they say about those silent types.
Victor Callegari
Victor Callegari SQL Developer / Programmer
Victor: Cool name, cool guy. Victor’s programming talent is surpassed only by his unshakable work ethic. In addition to his tech qualifications, like a forthcoming MSCE, Victor learned some accounting on the side so he could really feel our clients’ pain. He’s an information pro with the .Net dexterity to back it up. Victor’s an integral part of our team, maybe even the liaison to our future Latin markets. Just don’t cross him, or his army of guinea pigs will be on you faster than an Interject data stream. (Don’t ask.)
Igor Tsymbalyuk
Igor Tsymbalyuk SQL Developer
Originally hired to work the keyboard for a friend with a broken arm, Igor discovered a fierce interest in and wicked talent for programming, and he took off with bone-shattering pace. He picked up SQL and reporting so fast he puts the amp in revamping your financial close. And it doesn’t stop there: Igor’s always reaching for new knowledge and technology, leading complex integrations and developing cutting-edge solutions. Talk about a lucky break for Interject and our clients.
Elliott Whitling
Elliott Whitling Director of Product Management
Elliott dominates data. He subdues statistics. He bosses business strategy and subjugates cephalopods! That’s right, before his masters in Data Science, Elliott earned a bachelor’s in Biology. Now he’s heading up our team at HP’s 3D printing division to solve their biggest R&D data problems, bringing timely results to a chaotic data environment. Elliott’s oceanic collection of tech skills, coupled with his rare insight, help us engineer not only amazing products but also intelligent business decisions. He supports our biggest developments with his interdisciplinary experience and, of course, numbers. Copious numbers. Regressions anyone?
Chris Hight
Chris Hight Data Engineer
The Shakespeare of Swift, the J.K. Rowling of Java, Chris’s talent for programming is surpassed only by his passion for teaching kids code literacy (although his excitement for Star Wars Legos is pretty intense). His contributions are helping kids in the community build tech skills and confidence as he leads in the Future of Code program. And Chris is taking Future of Code to the next level with new locations and improved curriculums. Chris is also an integral member of our team at HP, improving workflow and connecting research findings to real solutions in their 3D printing division. Look for big things from Chris and from the kids he’s introducing to technology in Vancouver.
Mike Cain
Mike Cain Support Technician
We work hard to keep our clients happy. But when they do have issues, Mike’s the guy they go to! His support originates from an understanding of our clients so deep we can’t even explain it. Clairvoyance? Probably. And on top of his uncanny aptitude for assistance, Mike’s tech skills are otherworldly. If he’s human, he’s superhuman. How do we know? We’ve seen him writing code while he smashes the mountain-bike trails near his home. Look...no hands!
Nathan Hering
Nathan Hering .Net Developer
Nathan was originally trained as a wind turbine technician, but he blew onto the Interject team after going back to school at the Tech Academy. He’s quickly become a talent on our .Net team, supported in no small way by his enthusiasm for writing software and games. His methodical approach to programming is matched only by his impeccable organizational skills, which have had a great impact on our team. You know what they say: your code is only as clean as your desk.
Tyler Bounds
Tyler Bounds Database Developer
A Computer Science grad from WSUV, Tyler’s got an obsession for coding, and his always-growing database and SQL skills help us continually overtake tough projects. Add to that his experience in video game development and Tyler becomes an obvious choice to teach and mentor kids for the code literacy groups we support. Not only does he challenge his own limits, but he also pushes new boundaries for the Interject platform. Tyler also digs giving inspiration to young learners in the community, so they can one day do the same. Some people say it’s all in the name, but Mr. Bounds would beg to differ.
Mimi Lin Gao
Mimi Lin Gao Database Developer
Another true tech and data geek, Mimi came to us after earning her degree in computer science from Brooklyn College. While living in New York, she completed three successful internships with financial powerhouse Goldman Sachs, from which she brings a ton of tech expertise and an appreciation for the financial side as well. But don’t think big finance is Mimi’s only interest, she’s rich with knowledge in Java, SQL, Unix―you name it. And her inspiration for picking up tech in the first place? Video games! Don’t bogart that controller.
Bill Erickson
Bill Erickson Communications Manager
Our in-house wordsmith, Bill went back to school for degrees in English and Digital Technologies after 20 years in the glass trade. When it comes to prose, his laser precision and keen ear—or is it eye? Whatever—are what make reading bios fun. But it’s not all jokes and good grammar, which we think are mutually exclusive. Bill’s helping us get great content to our clients and prospects and generally ironing out everything word-related. A prolific poet and memoirist, we’re all super nice to him in hopes of getting a good spot in his book.
Robby Boney
Robby Boney Software Engineer
A practiced musician, Robby came to the Northwest from L.A. to study neuroscience at WSUV. While there, he researched hearing loss in zebrafish at the Coffin Labs. That got him into data science, which got him into Python and Jupyter, which got him into Interject. So, as you can tell, literally everything this guy does sounds cool. Robby’s one of our big thinkers, always aiming to push our platform and products to the next rad thing, like cloud-based data apps on a consumer-level marketplace. What? That’s not a dubstep song rattling the office walls...it’s Robby’s vision and his R&D-minded orchestra!
Jonathan Abbott
Jonathan Abbott Student Network Engineer
Another WSUV student, Jonathan is earning his degree in electrical engineering and has spent a ton of time honing his leadership skills on campus through his past role as student ambassador. On the student team, Jonathan keeps our network up to speed, our hardware running smooth, and our security, well, secure. Jonathan’s also passionate about the Maker Movement, and his DIY attitude has helped us keep running at full speed to support our clients. But don’t worry, there’s no duct tape on our servers.
Derek Olson
Derek Olson Student Technology Specialist
Need a command line script? That'll be Derek. Sixty pages of documentation, yesterday? Derek again. Troubleshooting a dongle, testing a financial report, rights requests or markdown secrets? You get it. Derek's got a hand in pretty much everything we do. Hailing from WSUV's CS program, he's got a keen grasp of programming and an eerie understanding of our platform. He may be a student, but expect that he’ll school you when it comes to all things code.
Leilani Hagen Student Technology Specialist
Leilani’s one of our newest students at Interject, but you’d never know it based on her willingness to jump into projects and learn the ropes. And we’re throwing everything at her, from unit testing to documentation to working through data analysis with our senior team members. Leilani graduated from the CS program at Clark College and is headed for the university next, then she wants to enter the data world. Pretty sure she’s at the right place. She’s diving into SQL, learning our platform quickly, and generally rocking it. Look out Jeff!
Support Staff
Our full and part-time support staff make every day possible. Their dedication and talents are critical to the company’s success and ability to grow at a controlled pace. Their contributions are so huge, we couldn't even capture them all in a photo.
Expert Consultants
Our relationships with experts in the fields of database optimization, product development, marketing, and sales are key in our ability to provide quality services that our clients can depend on. We appreciate their passion and dedication to their industry and their contribution to our vision. We take their efforts so seriously, we couldn't even crack a joke for this one.


As a team we are working together to build a collaborative and growth-focused environment. We all share the common trait of getting bored quickly when we are not learning or making a difference with those around us. As many will attest to, there is rarely a day in the week that is not uneventful, stretches what we thought we knew, and doesn’t simply fly by. It is a great culture with a team full of talented and caring people.


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