In this century we have come to realize that a company's future is built on how they treat and value their people. Valuing people builds loyalty and trust, which creates a motivated workforce.

    We are beyond motivated. We are determined to make a difference.

Jeff Honsowetz, CPA
Jeff Honsowetz, CPA President
The passion for combining technology and accounting started early in Jeff’s career in a regional accounting firm. His interest in process automation and technology opened the door to special technology projects and set the tone for the rest of his career. Jeff grew his technology interest and knowledge as he went on to serve in various controller roles across industries such as healthcare, solid waste and oil drilling services. Through each position, his experience in web and database technologies grew and led to an opportunity to join the technology field. This has culminated in the honor of leading a highly skilled team that shares his passion for learning and never standing still.
Stan Morin
Stan Morin Controller/Project Manager
With over 15 years of retail pharmacy experience, Stan joined the technology sector in 2006. Leveraging his managerial experience, he’s made a smooth transition developing a strong background in fleet management software, managing new projects and providing training and support. Stan also serves as a manager for NotarySoftware, an Interject sister company providing innovative software as a service to the mortgage industry.
Eugene Lyubar
Eugene Lyubar Senior Product Engineer
Coming from public accounting, Eugene is another great example of what happens when accounting and technology come together. His experience in website and database development has been an asset in providing excellent support and service to our clients that have specific data needs in accounting and finance. Also on the CPA path, Eugene is building the credentials that are unique in the industry when combined with technology skills. In addition, Eugene has recently widened his talents in becoming an accomplished database developer with the SQL Server platform.
Misty Cain
Misty Cain Senior Project Manager
With more than 10 years of experience in accounting, many serving as a controller in the solid waste industry, Misty has a unique ability to understand the needs of the users. Combined with her technology knowledge, Misty has a special ability to manage large software projects. Misty’s inate aptitude for details also contributes to her great success as a project manager, assimilating new technology and directing solutions to ensure compliance with audit expectations.
Lea Patanne
Lea Patanne Financial Systems Consultant
Lea provides our team with another strong cornerstone that possess both accounting and technology experience. With over 6 years of programming experience and over 9 years of accounting experience, she is a consistent contribution to process improvement within the Finance and Accounting industry. Lea also brings to the team experience in multiple legacy systems to help us assist companies in transitioning to recent technologies without loss of productivity.
Victor Callegari
Victor Callegari SQL Developer / Programmer
Victor is a talented and reliable programmer on both the data and middle tiers. When Victor came to us he stood out from the crowd by going above and beyond in his work ethic. He continues to be a strong contributor and is also showing unique initiative in taking accounting classes so he can better understand the users.
Patrick De Buse
Patrick De Buse Software Engineer
Patrick has expanded our depth of programming experience to new levels and is famous within our team for bringing technology together in innovative ways. His 16+ years of programming experience greatly contributes to the company’s ability to produce lean and effective software. Patrick's contributions and particular interest in reactive browser applications are helping the company consistently produce innovative software.
Igor Tsymbalyuk
Igor Tsymbalyuk SQL Developer
Originally hired to help a friend type that had a broken arm, Igor was quickly drawn to programming and decided to switch careers and jump into technology. His hard work and thorough character has grown Igor's SQL and reporting skills to advanced levels. Igor has lead initiatives in financial close optimization and other complex data integrations. Igor is continually advancing his knowledge in various other technologies.
Elliott Whitling
Elliott Whitling Data Scientist
Elliott's degree in Biology took a turn to technology when he obtained his Master's in Data Science that compliments his passion for Statistics and Big Data. He is using this talent to lead the Interject team that is assisting Hewlett Packard’s 3D printing division. Elliott brings unique insights to the engineering field in solving difficult problems and is greatly involved in our business development projects.
Chris Hight
Chris Hight Data Engineer
Chris is a talented engineer solving tough problems on our Hewlett Packard team that assists their 3D printing division. Chris also has a passion for code literacy for kids that is only rivaled by his Star Wars Lego collection. He is leading new expansions of our Coding for Kids program, including new locations, new curriculum, and new programs to help meet the great need we have in Vancouver.
Mike Cain
Mike Cain Support Technician
Mike has provided an additional level quality and service to the support team. He has a true heart for the client and goes the extra mile to meet their needs. Mike has an extreme aptitude for technology and we hope will grow him into other areas of the company.
Nathan Hering
Nathan Hering .Net Developer
Nathan is a technology enthusiast that, writes software and games in his spare time, and builds business applications during the day. A recent graduate from The Tech Academy and with previous degree in Digital Media, Nathan is growing his skills in the .Net stack and databases while being an integral part of the Interject team. Nathan’s early claim to fame is his immaculate and organized desk and workstation that inspires the rest of the team.
Tyler Bounds
Tyler Bounds Database Developer
Tyler is a Washington State University Vancouver graduate with a computer science major. He is growing his talents in databases and SQL and solving complex problems. Tyler continues to contribute to the community by volunteering with our Coding for Kids program as a teacher and mentor using his experience in video game development and other technologies.
Mimi Lin Gao
Mimi Lin Gao Database Developer
Mimi’s passion for gaming drove her pursuit of a degree in computer science. Originally from New York, Mimi graduated from Brooklyn College and has held multiple internships with Goldman Sachs. She loves tackling data challenges and is a great addition to the data team.
Bill Erickson
Bill Erickson Communications Manager
Our in-house wordsmith, Bill returned to school for degrees in English and Digital Technologies after 20 years in the glass trade. Starting as our editor, he grew into both internal and external content and strategy roles, where his excitement for writing shows through an eye for detail and an ear for syntax. A prolific memoirist and poet in his off time, Bill’s always pushing himself and the Interject team to tell a better story.
Jonathan Abbott
Jonathan Abbott Student Network Engineer
Jonathan is a college student at Washington State University Vancouver studying computer science. He is assisting with network management and maintenance and is part of the video team. He is also a leader on his campus in their Ambassador program and is very passionate about engineering in general, 3D printing and the Maker movement.
Derek Olson
Derek Olson Student Technology Specialist
Derek was first drawn to our team with his digital design background but it soon expanded to a wider interest in technology. Derek is an important part of the college student team that is assisting many aspects of our company ranging from video post production, network maintenance, and quality assurance testing.
Robby Boney
Robby Boney Student Database Developer
Robby is a college student at Washington State University Vancouver that has a keen interest in Data Science. Robby is in the student apprentice program and assists in all areas including database development.
Support Staff
An important part of our team includes the full and part-time staff that make each day possible. Their dedication and talents are critical to the company’s success and ability to grow at a controlled pace.
Expert Consultants
Our relationships with experts in the fields of database optimization, product development, marketing and sales, also play a key role in the team in providing quality services that our clients can depend on. We appreciate their passion and dedication to their industry and their contribution to our vision.


As a team we are working together to build a collaborative and growth-focused environment. We all share the common trait of getting bored quickly when we are not learning or making a difference with those around us. As many will attest to, there is rarely a day in the week that is not uneventful, stretches what we thought we knew, and doesn’t simply fly by. It is a great culture with a team full of talented and caring people.


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