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Jeff Honsowetz
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Be The Tire

Posted on Jan 28th, 2016

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  I think the following ten frames far exceed that impact, especially when read by those that have been out in the business world. These illustrations will bring out a chuckle or two that can only be understood from those with repressed painful memories related to software implementations.

Check out the cartoon and my comments that follow…


In each of the first 9 frames, I envision that what was really needed, (the rope and the tire that was introduced in the last frame), was likely just sitting there just out of view the whole time. It was so quickly dismissed.

I love this cartoon and the whole project since it helps me remember the importance of challenging what I already have. Am I overlooking the obvious? Am I wasting time and money on new shiny objects when we had ‘good enough’ lying around? Am I naïve in thinking the next silver bullet solution will work this time? Before I look far and wide for something to fix my problem, I need to first take another look inwardly on what potential is already there.

The tire’s greatest value wasn’t seen until the rope was introduced. What software or resources does your company have that could be so much greater by adding a little rope?


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