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Learn On Your Own Too

If you want to get started in learning technology on your own, check out our Learning On Your Own page or Read Our Blog. Start with understanding how data is created, managed and reported. Then keep learning what interests you from there.

Do You Want to Present?

We are looking for interesting presenters with intriguing topics. If you have a related topic for this event please contact us at We would love to hear from you.

Tech Talks

The objective of these tech talks is to expand our knowledge in areas that can directly impact our day. We will share best practices and tools that help us take command of the data around us. The result should simplify our work, help us do more with less, allow us to delegate more, and enable us to better direct our IT resources to accomplish what matters to us.

This is a monthly meeting at the Interject Office in Salmon Creek. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Each event has a special topic posted. Use the link, below, to reserve your spot on a date that works for you.

Open Mic Night – Bring Your Data Challenge

This event is an open Question and Answer (Q&A) session that encourages colleagues to join together to address technology matters. The Interject team will be there to contribute and facilitate the discussion. Bring your questions on software upgrades, share your struggles on a system integration that is going sideways, and even bring that monster spreadsheet that isn’t working well.

The event is every 3rd Tuesday at 5pm for an hour – or longer if people want to keep talking. Food is provided. Please sign up with the link, below, and email us with a heads-up on the questions you are going to raise/you are wrestling with.

Keep Learning, Never Stand Still…