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We welcome virtually anyone at Interject, but not everyone is Interject stuff. We’re ambitious, maybe a little crazy. Our goal is to improve how the world works with data, and that means everyone, from data engineers to business analysts, scientists to CPAs. We’re not messing around. So we’re building a team of equally ambitious world-changers, those with a zeal for data and the experience to back it up, with integrity and initiative, discipline and compassion. The pioneers. The top candidates tend to be compelled by the challenges involved in startups, and the opportunities that follow. If the things below speak to you, if they sound like your manifesto, then you’re the stuff of Interject.

Who Is Interject?

  1. Well, we’re a startup in Vancouver, WA. We hail from the front lines of business and data science, and we’ve grown to 2M in revenue from consulting and services. Now we’re on the path to productization.
  2. Our product is positioned to reframe how business users, data scientists, and data engineers work and interface with data. We have a growing portfolio of intellectual property backed by huge ideas, which are the keys to our momentum.
  3. We believe that we’re changing the world by providing a faster, more nimble data platform, one that joins business and data professionals to get quicker results.
  4. We’re pre-Series A funding, and all of our 20+ team members have stock options. Big comp plans take a back seat to culture here, but the future is bright for those who join early. Top leadership spots are up for grabs, if you have the stuff.
  5. We work toward perfecting a balance between working remotely, collaborating, and weaving life with work to experience all sources of inspiration.
  6. A practice of continual learning roots our culture in progress. We’re never satisfied and see mentoring our tech community and our team as top priorities. We have all the room for big hearts but none for big egos.
  7. We see you as the expert, and so we want to learn from, not manage, you.
We’re a company started by users, for users. We’re serious about solving data problems, and everything else is extra. If that’s you, then you should be here.

Job descriptions are below, but that’s the small stuff.


Lead .NET Developer

(1 opening to be filled by Oct 2019)

The lead spot on the App Dev team and a key role in realizing our biggest ideas. You’ll be looking to hit the big-time, becoming Product Owner of the apps your team creates. We have a lot of apps to build and improve, and we need the developer who solves problems for fun, works best when collaborating, and sees learning and teaching opportunities always and everywhere.

Technical Project Manager

(1 opening to be filled by Dec 2019)

Leader of the dev teams. Shaper of projects and products. Liaison between the account managers, the stakeholders, the devs. You’ll be the top PM, with the technical understanding and the peerless perspective to exceed expectations. We’ll need a leader in this role. You’ll need the tech acumen, the management savvy, and the desire to push our projects further than we ever thought. Impress us!

Database Developer / Analyst

(1 opening planned for Dec 2019, 1 additional opening expected in Feb 2020)

The foundation of our success. Your passion for bringing data to clients will drive our growth. You’ll want this position to be the experience and career cultivator of your data pursuits. You’ll be challenged to go deeper than you ever have, to redraw your boundaries in data technology. Full stop. Joining this team means always learning more, always demanding more of yourself and of the solutions our clients seek.

Accounting and Finance Professionals 

with ERP/Planning/Reporting Expertise

(1 opening available until filled)

What’s our secret sauce? Understanding the lives of clients, what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night and gets them out of bed in the morning. You’ll have this understanding. You’re the finance professional who needs to help our clients reach the height of efficiency, who needs to see their work become more meaningful. You’ll seek to grow your tech expertise in this role, and you can grow toward account management as well.

Director of Engineering

(1 opening available until filled)

Details forthcoming


Our values are important to us. They encourage a collaborative and growth oriented environment. They help us love what we do.

01. Positivity

  • You always approach things in a positive and optimistic way
  • You never criticize or condemn team members or users
  • You let the other person save face, even if they are clearly wrong
  • You are deliberate about giving genuine appreciation

02. Transparency

  • You take pride in opportunities to share our beliefs, failures, strengths and decisions
  • You are honest about failures and cherish the lessons they provide
  • You share early to contribute instead of waiting for the winning position
  • You acknowledge your bias in hope of finding the right answer

03. Extensibility

  • You are conscious of your current level of productivity and happiness and make continual changes to grow
  • You have a higher expectation of yourself than the company does of you
  • You regularly and deliberately do things that make you feel uncomfortable in order to improve
  • You practice activities and develop habits that will improve your mind and your body

04. Humility

  • You are humble
  • You let others have your best ideas
  • You do not attach your value to being right, but rather to seeking the right thing to do
  • You lift up others routinely

05. Empathy

  • You are open to having your mind changed
  • You seek first to understand, then to be understood
  • You are suggestive rather than instructive
  • You take the approach that everything is a hypothesis and you could be wrong

06. Clarity

  • You talk, code, design, and write in a clear way instead of being clever
  • You over-communicate, repeating things more times than you would intuitively
  • You use more words to explain, even if it feels obvious already
  • You don’t make assumptions, instead you ask questions to communicate the full picture

07. Reflectivity

  • You deliberately find time for reflection, because that’s where life-changing adjustments come from
  • You have a calm approach to discussions and ponder points in your own time
  • You find time to jump out of the trenches into the higher level thinking that will move the needle
  • You understand the value of patience and treat it as a muscle which needs exercise to grow

08. Tranquility

  • Your purpose is to live smarter, not harder
  • You value waking up fresh over working that extra hour
  • You single task your way through the day
  • You are at the top of your game as you focus to balance and expand your capacity mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually



Collaboration is what we are about, but we all still need our space to focus. For most positions, skip the commute 3 days a week and stay focused at home or at your local coffee shop.


We are looking ahead. More times than not, we are trying something new to the benefit of our clients and our growth.


We only bring on positive and helpful people that add to our culture. The journey is as important as the destination, so it’s important to team up with people that bring out the best in you.


Our paid time off policy fair and simple: work here longer, get more days off. We like to reward longevity and commitment and ensure our team has a positive work/life balance.


Holidays are fun, and we love them, that’s why we observe all official US holidays and give you time off when they occur. Don’t spend them working, go out and have fun.


We believe medical-care is a human right. This is why we have a great medical benefits program aimed to keep you in tip-top shape. The health of you and your family is important to us.


Suits are uncomfortable and rarely needed. We encourage you to wear whatever is comfy, just as long as it’s appropriate and in good taste. So go ahead, wear a t-shirt and jeans if you’d like. Just keep it clean.


In order to keep our company a well-oiled machine we need to invest in quality tools. If there is a great reason to have it, there is a great chance we will buy it.

Snacks, Drinks & Lunch

Leave your quarters at home. We do our best to keep things stocked so you can drink and snack as you create your masterpieces at work. And lunch normally finds its way to our office once a week so we can share a meal.


We work hard at what we do and so time to play is OK too. Xbox, ping-pong or whatever may be next is here to stay.


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